in the name of GOD

Baft City is located in south of kerman  province

this city has two zone in north (cold region) and  south( tropical) and its the most important  mountain is SHah  mount that  has locate in north of city


General information

    city section: Rabor , Orzoeeye , centeral

   historic structures: tappeh Yahya

important mountains: SHah ,  KHabr

important  rivers:Baft(soltaneyy) , Rabor ,KHabr

important  agriculture products:walnut , cotton, grains ,citrous fruits

public walks: KHabr(SHahe Valayat),CHeshme Arose Rabor , Eshgh Abad Rabor ,...

industry and company: coork (textile product) ,Fro korom , koromit


this information is  supplied  with   Mehdi Aminizadeh   


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